Sunday, 25 October 2015

New Poster Update: version 3.1 released

Over time we learn and evolve. Updating and improving the original Agile Development Poster.

The Poster like my knowledge of Agile, Lean and Kanban needs an update.Well I have managed to update myself. This leaves the Poster.

Presented here is the updated poster to a new 3.1 version. It is also published in PNG format and at an improved resolution. The previous JPG version while small did not produce a decent image. The trade off though is now it is much larger at 8.5mb. It should also print fine in Black and White.

Finally it has been retrofitted to the original blog post to avoid confusion.

New Elements:There has been two changes to the Values. Respect has replaced Automation and is a Scrum value [1]. The obvious Customer value has been added [2].

Visibility also includes two changes. Production now has an improved image representing the spikes of activity that can occur during peak times. The original image has be-reused to represent a CFD (Cumulative Flow Diagram) [3]. This replaces the burncharts which become redundant compared to CFD.

Some will recognise the CFD as a Kanban trait and they would be correct with more Kanban elements that have been added. Such as Limit WIP [4], Forecast (replacing estimation) and Lean Flow [5].

Other additions include: 
DoR (Definition of Ready) [6]
DoD (Definition of Done) [7]

Which are from Scrum and also represent Kanban Explicit Policies [8]. Reactive stands for the Reactive Manifesto [9]. Story Mapping [10] and Road-map MVP [11] provide acknowledgement to Product Owners everywhere.

The rest is mainly as it was before. Use if you need otherwise click on.


[2] Agile Manifesto Principles:
[6] DoR:


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