Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Speakers what to do at Conference? - Regional Scrum Gathering Porto

This article presents a quick lightening view of what to do when attending a Conference as a Speaker. In this case the Regional Scrum Gathering Porto December 2016 (also known as Agile Connect) [1].

When you get asked to present as we did last December, do you as some, cruise by, do your talk and then leave. Like the Panda do you eat shoots and leaves.

Or do you …..


My co-speaker Chris and myself were invited to deliver a talk on Coaching Scrum teams [2]. While we had been selected for the Saturday, I decided to take personal time off work and arrive early to experience the Conference for the full three days.

This decision proved to be of awesome value. Not only did I get to meet many great new friends, but I also got to experience the wonderful city of Porto which is truly beautiful.


Porto Station
Then there was the presentation itself. It went really well and we had great feedback. Of course it does not always go this way. I believe this was down to the support of the organisers of the event. They truly looked after us. Great Scrum Masters all of them.

Speaking in Porto
Flaming food in Porto at the Speakers Dinner

The experience showed me that a speaking event is more than just the conference, it is the community, it is the speakers, it is the organisers, it is the people that makes it worth going too. Whatever reason you go to a conference, make sure you talk to the people. As they are the conference.

Chances are they will have the Agile mindset and you will learn great things as I did.

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